7 Questions With Author Tabatha Shipley

Tabatha Shipley is the author of Breaking Eselda30 Days Without Wings, and Redeeming Jordyn. She believes strongly in the power of helping others and is always willing to help out a fellow writer or reader. Find and connect with her on whichever social media platform you love best.


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Esther Rabbit: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?



I didn’t admit to myself that I wanted to be a published writer and try to make a career out of this until I was an adult. I spent the entirety of my life before that thinking that my little daydreams, small poems, and random scenes were garbage.


If I could go back to that little girl and give her one piece of advice, I’d tell her to keep writing. Write it all down. Dreams don’t work unless we do.


Esther Rabbit: What would you do if you wouldn’t be writing?



Before I was a writer I was a certified elementary school teacher. I’ve taught a lot of different grade levels, but I’m a content specialist highly certified in Math. I specialized in Middle School Math, actually. If I wasn’t writing, I’d be teaching. But I guarantee I’d be writing on the side.




Esther Rabbit: What should readers expect from your next novel?



There’s a few things you can always expect from my books; strong female characters, at least one sarcastic character, life lessons, and plot twists.


For Projection coming June 4 from Phoenix Manifest Publishing, you can expect all that plus danger, malfunctioning technology, and a romantic subplot.




Esther Rabbit: What are the steps you usually take from writing your first draft to publishing?



I talk about these steps a lot on my YouTube channel with more specifics. If anyone is interested in those, check it out below.


But the basic steps are as follows:



  • Choose an idea from the idea journal
  • try a scene
  • take character notes for main character and antagonist
  • outline the plot
  • character notes for any minor or side characters
  • rework the outline for plot
  • write first draft
  • first round edits for character, continuity and pacing
  • my (quick) edit for grammar
  • beta reader(s) for character, continuity and pacing
  • my second round edits based on their feedback
  • my larger edit for grammar
  • beta reader(s) round two
  • professional editor
  • final read through (me and possibly one beta)
  • publish




Esther Rabbit: How long do you self-edit your manuscript before sending it to a proofreader/ beta reader / editor?



My first round edit is focused entirely on character, continuity and pacing. I read through the entire manuscript at least twice for this purpose. Then I do a quick grammar check, looking only for the things that might annoy betas. My focus at that early stage is not grammar.


Grammar will be changed in editing later. Betas are for content. After the beta reader(s) have helped me polish the characters and the storyline, then the editing can begin.


I will take at least two passes through the manuscript again, this time focusing on grammar. Honestly, I always miss things. That’s why I use a professional editor before publishing. It’s really hard to grammatically edit your own work.



Esther Rabbit: What are the 5 immediate tasks you hope to accomplish in the near future?



  1. Finish the Magical YA fantasy I’m working on, which is in first round edits right now.
  2. Finish the Kingdom of Fraun series. Books 1 and 2 (Breaking Eselda and Redeeming Jordyn) are available right now. Books 3 and 4 are done and in editing. Book 5 (the last book in the series) is outlined.
  3. Read 104 books this year. I’m on my way. Follow my progress on Goodreads, if you’re interested.
  4. Outline one new idea. I have a few to choose from.
  5. Read at least two indie books a month.




Esther Rabbit: What’s your favorite genre as a reader?



If you follow my goodreads or my YouTube channel then you’ll know I have very eclectic reading tastes. I really will read anything! But, if I had to choose an absolute favorite genre I’d pick mystery/thriller.


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