7 Questions With Book Reviewer SP

SP is a student pursuing Actuarial Science as well as preparing for her entrance test to get her Master’s degree. She has recently started reviewing books on her blogs and on Goodreads.


She likes to interact with fellow book lovers, bloggers and authors and is active on Twitter as well. She loves all kinds of romance novels with heroes that make you swoon and heroines that you admire. She also loves binge watching superhero movies and series on the rare occasions when she has time.


In today’s interview SP sheds some light on the necessary info authors should include when approaching a book reviewer and (spoiler alert) she loves stories with an evolving romance so keep an eye out for her contact details at the end of this interview.


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Esther Rabbit: Many readers/authors would like to know the answer to this question – do you have a preference when it comes to genre?



I do have a preference when it comes to genre. I tend to gravitate mainly towards novels that have a good love story in addition to the overall theme, whether it’s young-adult, new-adult, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, romantic thrillers etc. So, I am down for anything that has romance in it!


But that doesn’t mean, I don’t read other genres. I do. I wouldn’t mind reading a good mystery. What I don’t see myself reading at all are horror stories or tragic novels. They are just not my cup of tea.




Esther Rabbit: Do authors approach you to read and review their novels? If so, are you open to this approach or would you rather take your pick and review what you consider appropriate?



Yes, authors do approach me to read and review their novels, and I can’t put into words how incredibly grateful I am to them for giving a new reviewer and blogger like me an opportunity.


I have no issues with them contacting me directly via email or through my blog or even on Goodreads. Luckily, the synopsis for the books that I have been asked to review so far really intrigued me so I didn’t have to pick and choose.




Esther Rabbit: When authors approach you to review their books, what information would you like them to include?



I would like them to include either Goodreads or Amazon links of their books as well as the blurb if possible. I would also appreciate if they could include a little something about themselves and what kind of books they like to read and write and also the source from which they heard about me.




Esther Rabbit: How do you manage to juggle life and book reviewing?



Oh, it’s tough! I am a full-time student so most of the time, I hardly get time to read because of which it takes me a while to post a review. I always request authors/publishers who ask me to review their books to please be patient with me and assure them that I’ll review their book as soon as I possibly can.


To keep up with my TBR list, I try to read every spare minute I have, whether it’s while eating, or if I take a few minutes break from studying and jot down notes on a notepad or on my phone. When I finally finish reading, I organize all my notes together and then post a review while the book is still fresh in my mind.




Esther Rabbit: How did you start book reviewing and what kept you going?



I have been reading books for a long time now. Whenever I would pick a new book, the first thing I would read is the synopsis and if I am still unsure about it then I would read the reviews that other bloggers/reviewers posted about them on Goodreads, and they gave me an insight into what the book will entail.


Many times, those reviews helped me decide if I should read the book or not. A large number of books in my list of favorites were thanks to those reviews. A couple of weeks ago, I thought, why not put my thoughts into words?


Initially, I started reviewing books on Goodreads when a friend gave me an idea to start a blog. So, here I am, reading and reviewing and hopefully my reviews will one day help some other reader find their favorite book.




Esther Rabbit: Is book reviewing a full time job or professional hobby in your case?



Since I am a full-time student, book reviewing has only been a hobby so far and I am still in the early stages so who knows, one day when I am finished with my degree, I’ll make this a full-time job.




Esther Rabbit: Why should readers follow your website/blog/channel? What should they expect from you?



The first thing readers should expect is honesty. I will always write an honest review, be it good or bad. Also, the reviews that I write are my thoughts of the story. They may differ from someone else’s and as a result my reviews may also be different.


I will never give any spoilers because I understand how that can ruin the excitement of reading. Also, I will always be respectful and polite in my reviews, so the readers do not have to worry about language.


Even if there are parts in the book I don’t like, I will write about them in a respectful way because I realize that just because I didn’t like that part doesn’t mean other’s won’t as well and even if I personally didn’t like the book at all, I will still try to find something redeeming about it because I believe that no book is bad. Some books may not appeal so some people but that doesn’t mean they are bad.


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