7 Questions with Book Reviewers Saylet & Calina

Calina and Saylet are hosts of the podcast Shhh We’re Reading Dirty Books, a podcast where adults are welcome to listen and join them in their discussions about paranormal romance novels (the dirrrty and not so dirrrty are equally welcome).


If you’re looking for this particular kind of book review through the style of podcasts, or really, just two best friends that love talking about books, then give them a try. They give you a ‘clitsnotes’ synopsis of each book, share personal stories in their ‘Kiss and Tell’ segment, and have some great special guest interviews.


They are personable, funny, smart, and are breaking through their own reticence around the topic of romance novels and sex. Join them as they tear down walls that keep women from speaking openly about their sexuality and ultimate fantasies as well as feeling NO SHAME for reading romance novels.


Side note – they also do a special segment called Shhh We’re Talking Fantasy Football during football season for all paranormal romance lovers that also love football. If you’re not a football lover, skip it and get to the squishy stuff!


In today’s interview, Saylet and Calina speak about the joy of reading and reviewing paranormal romance novels and speaking openly about our desires when it comes to reading preferences.  If you are a writer, please stop by to check the best tips & tricks From Writing To Publishing and sign up to my Newsletter for the latest & greatest.




Esther Rabbit: Is book reviewing a full-time job or professional hobby in your case?


Right now, book reviewing is a hobby for us. We’re not professionals, just two best friends who enjoy reading dirty books and discussing them in a frank and open way. In our wildest dreams, there will come a day where our podcast takes off and we can turn it into a full-time job!



Esther Rabbit: Many readers/authors would like to know the answer to this question – do you have a preference when it comes to genre?


Our podcast focuses on paranormal romance novels. We have discussed possibly reading other subgenres of romance books so we are open to all possibilities.


We focus on romances because we want to shine a light on a genre we love but used to be embarrassed to talk about. Outside of the podcast Calina is a voracious reader of most any genre with sci-fi and mystery competing for her favorite. Saylet loves suspense and romance.



Esther Rabbit: Do authors approach you to read and review their novels? If so, are you open to this approach or would you rather take your pick and review what you consider appropriate?


We are a pretty new podcast, just approaching our one year anniversary. So far we have had a couple authors approach us to review their books. We met Abigail Owen at the 2018 Shameless Book Convention and she contacted us to read and review her new book, The Boss.


We read it and interviewed her for an episode coming out in March, it was a great experience!  We would love to do more of that and are totally open to authors contacting us about reading their books! Currently we pick most of our books from different lists we find or by searching Goodreads.



Esther Rabbit: Obviously, there’s a lot of work behind book reviewing – reading, taking notes, editing your Blog/Vlog/Channel. Can you give us some insight on your life behind the scenes and how you build up towards a successful post/vlog?


We try to schedule our recordings every other week. So, we choose a book at each session and give ourselves two weeks to read/listen to our chosen book. Meanwhile, we take notes, exchange chit chat, bookmark spots in the book, and then gather and go over our topics for the episode on recording nights.


Calina has two jobs to juggle and Saylet is a working mom/wife, so we definitely have busy lives around our podcast. But with late nights, wine and coffee, we are able to record our shows efficiently with minimal, non-professional equipment and still have a great time.


Saylet then takes time (mainly after the kid’s bedtime) to edit each episode and have it ready for upload and release. We both have our own roles in managing all of our social media, website, and making sure our episodes are released every other Wednesday.



Esther Rabbit: Why do you do it?


How great is it to be able to read a book, particularly steamy paranormal romance novels, and have a shameless, online book club to talk about it? We have great discussions about these novels and we want to share it with others that enjoy these kinds of stories too.


It’s so great to be able to just sit and talk and drink with your girlfriend and let your hair loose while talking about the sizzling sex scene you just read and drooled over.


We don’t want to be shamed or laughed at for reading novels that take us to a world that we fantasize about. Openly expressing our feelings about great sex, using sex toys, and having hot fantasies isn’t just for men anymore, it’s ours.



Esther Rabbit: Why should readers follow your website/blog/channel? What should they expect from you?


If anyone out there is looking for two silly, easygoing, romance novel loving girls, please listen to us. It’ll be as if you are in the room with us. And while you may not agree with how we feel about some of the books or only agree with one of us, you can interact with us through our blog, email, or social media to let us know how you feel about the book we all just discussed.


Expect to hear how we, two shy and highly introverted girls, stepped out of our comfort zones, shared dirty books, and started a podcast to talk about romance novels while also breaking out of our shell and sharing stories of our own personal lives.



Esther Rabbit: Do you charge for your services or do it for the joy of book reviewing?


No, we do not charge for our services. We absolutely do it for the joy of reading, reviewing, and talking about romance novels.


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