7 Questions With Lana, An Avid Reader

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Today, it’s time for a reader to take the stance and it was a real pleasure to pick the brains of Lana in terms of reading preferences and key elements that pull the reader into the next best story. If you are a writer, please stop by to check the best tips & tricks From Writing To Publishing and sign up to my Newsletter for the latest & greatest.


In her own words:



“I have been a reader for as long as I can remember but of course my taste in books has varied over the years. There were years whilst I was studying when I only read academic books, but now that I am retired I have put these types of books behind me and mainly enjoy reading fantasy.


These past couple of years I have also switched to mainly reading indie authors rather than mainstream. I feel they are very original and that with every book I read I am helping them out a bit and by reviewing their work, I open up their work to more readers who might have never come across these authors.


I am also on quite a number of arc groups and I have formed quite a relationship with the authors on whose groups I form part of! Reading and communicating regularly builds a sort of bond with these authors which I really like.”



Esther Rabbit: What are your favorite genres as a reader and what authors made you fall in love with reading?


My favourite genres are epic fantasy, urban fantasy, sword and sorcery novels, post-apocalyptic and dystopia. I love any book which feature dragons and also love wizards and witches.


The main author who made me fall in love with reading is JRR Tolkien but I also enjoyed series by Robert Jordan, Margaret Weis and Anne Mc Caffrey, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson and Adrian Tchaikovsky.



Esther Rabbit: When you start a new book, what are the key elements that pull you into the story?


I love it when a book starts strong from the first line and sort of draws you into the narrative. I also love stories full of adventure, with rogues and kick ass heroine characters. Good world building is a must, the more innovative and creative the better and of course charismatic characters even if they are the bad guys!



Esther Rabbit: I know that you read for plenty of self-published authors, so without naming names, what are the top issues you’ve encountered?


One of the main issues is that the books come with a lot of typos in them and this can be quite irritating to a reader, however since I am on arc groups I have taken it upon myself to take not of typos and send in a document prior to launch date so that they can get these amended as I know that sometimes good editing might be a problem!



Esther Rabbit: When giving an author feedback, do you also make suggestions on certain areas they can improve?


Sometimes apart from documenting the typos I manage to catch for them I do comment about the plot or adding some more info to a scene or if something is not quite clear or does not tally with what went on before in the story! Of course otherwise what sort of feedback would it be?



Esther Rabbit: Is it tough going out of your reading comfort zone and exploring genres you’re not such a big fan of?


I do sometimes read thrillers for example and though they are not a great favourite of mine I always enjoy them when I read them, also I have moved away from reading books about vampires and werewolves which I enjoyed a few years back but then again sometimes I have come across really good novels with these characters as protagonists.



Esther Rabbit: Can a really bad book become successful?


I wouldn’t know because I do not think I have ever read a really bad book! I mean people come with different tastes in books so I think something which might not strike a chord with me will be a great read for someone else.


I doubt very much that a bad book would get published even if it is self-published, let alone sell! Readers are usually very selective and critical of what they read.



Esther Rabbit: What do you, the reader expect from an author you follow on social media /review books for?


What I really expect is to not have to wait years for the next book and to be kept updated on how the writing is coming along and what the due date for release would be.


Readers who like me had followed GRR Martin with his game of thrones series I think have all really been pissed off at him for taking years to present us with his next book, it is as though the author does not care about his readers and that in itself is offensive!!


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