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In today’s interview we will be having a very creative and talented book cover artist, well known for her striking designs. It will be my pleasure, to introduce to you all, Paramita from” Creative Paramita” book cover designs. Once you have gone past the writing phase and your editing is done too, what comes in mind, is to find the right design for your book’s cover that will justify all the hard work you have put in. After all, a cover design is the only thing that connects your potential readers to the book, for the first time they lay their eyes upon.


Paramita Bhattacharjee, is the Creative Director of “CreativeParamita” specialized in book cover designing. She is in the field from 2013 and have more than a thousand satisfied authors. Let’s begin today’s interview. The very talented designer “Creative Paramita” will respond to a round of 7 questions, let’s find out…


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What types of design do you offer and how can an author benefit from your skills?


To reap the full benefits of the service I provide, I would like authors to know a little a bit about my style and my work.

Type of designs I offer:


I offer book cover designs for all categories, both in fiction, as well as in non-fiction domain. That includes fantasy, horror, romance, crime, thriller, YA, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, romance-comedy, paranormal, physiological thriller, western romance, contemporary romance, military thriller, Gothic romance, comic fantasy, super natural thriller, alternate history, horror-romance-thriller, crime-thriller, post-apocalypse, steampunk, new adult, magic realism book cover among other categories, along with history, biography, religious, guidance, autobiographies, memoirs, travel, academic, philosophy, self-help and instruction book cover art. Plus cover designs for all kind of children’s book .


Services I provide:


I am a book cover designer, front and foremost and provide tailor made solutions for both to new and thriving authors, as well as experienced veterans. My pre-made book covers, offer low cost solutions to newer authors, ready made cover designs, are at a fraction of the price of a full cover design process, without compromising the quality. Here, authors can choose between designs that are already created, and match their story line and genre.


For the pro authors, I have custom book cover design service, in which I would typically design the full cover from scratch, based on the creative brief and story line. Here the designs are tailor made to fit your book perfectly. Apart from pre-made and custom book cover design, I also provide different services including, audio book cover design, Facebook header, Twitter header, authors business card, author logo, banner design and much more.


My design style:

I specialize on photo realistic artworks, which means I use real people photos (model shots), to produce a design rather than drawing it. It’s also called photo manipulation artwork. Style that you see on movie posters. The idea here, is to create a real-life character, put up by the author so that the readers can relate very easily.


This is my signature style; however, my designs are not just limited to photo realism. I am equally proficient with other styles such as minimalist approach, artwork style and others.

Three pillars of my designs are:

  • Standout of the crowd: I try to produce designs that are equally catchy and clean, with a flare of captivating readers attention immediately. That means, when stacked against a number of other books, my designs will draw your eye.
  • Clarity is very important: Regardless of the size you are seeing the cover design in, large, small or thumbnail, everything has to be very clear and readable.
  • Design till perfection is achieved: I keep going back and forth with the design numerous times, fine tuning, till both myself and the author, are truly happy with the outcome.


I am a very down to earth, friendly person, always ready to help in any way I can. Authors can approach me with any help that they need and, I am always there to help out to the best of my abilities.




What details should a new author offer you upon requesting a book cover design? Can you share more details to help new authors prepare for this experience?


It could be very challenging for newer authors to get started with the indie publishing process. There are a lot of hurdles on the way, but the satisfaction you get after completing the cycle, is simply paramount. I will try to be a good fellow guide on the journey, pointing out the nuances and directions to consider that would make this voyage so much easier. Once you have completed writing the first book and edited it, to be ready to go out and present itself in front of the readers, the first thing that you will need to convey yourself, is a good cover design.


At this stage, most of us, have so many expectations and ideas on how your books cover will look like. And I would be very happy to listen to all your ideas, because that is the creative inspiration that drives me to come up with that perfect design your book needs.


Typically, I would ask authors for the following, alongside the ideas they have:


A brief synopsis of the book, so I can have a good feeling of what the book is all about. Plans going forward, such as, if the author is only planning to publish in eBook format, or is there a plan to expand to print media as well. Or is there any intend to publish an audio book.


Also, I would ask for minute details, character descriptions, plot, genre, preferred colors. In case the plan is to extend to print media, I would also need a few other technical details, such as book size, page count, paper quality, who is the printing partner KDP, IngramSpark, or other printers. However, these are not immediately required details, and can be adjusted later, if the customer doesn’t have them right away.




Do you have preferences when it comes to book cover design?


I enjoy designing all kind of graphics, as designing is my life. Since childhood, I have a keen love towards art and drawing. I enjoy the challenges that come with different genres and I love when I get requests to design different types of book covers. This gives me the opportunity to nurture my designing flare. When I get a horror story plot, I enjoy those creepy scenes, when implementing them into the design. When reading a brief story of romance novel, I feel the light mood and enjoy the beauty of the romance novel.


Each different genre has its own taste, and being a bookworm, I don’t want to miss any opportunity. Before staring a design, I need practice mood boarding, so I can live and feel that design better. Therefore, I can say, I have no specific preferences. Love to design horror, science fiction, thriller, action, fantasy, romance, YA, children book, nonfiction and everything between them.




Why should an author choose you over a “cheaper” alternative?


A cheaper alternative can be extremely expensive on the longer run. A good design, typically consists of photo royalty charges, cost for the fonts, brainstorming for the design concepts, numerous hours needed to produce the design and fine tune it, to meet both author’s and readers expectations. In my opinion, none of them come cheap.


So, if someone is offering a really cheap commission fee, an author should consider what is the part they are skimping on. A good cover, is a good long-term investment for your book, it is the gateway to reach your readers for the first time. I have seen many wonderful writers not gaining enough traction, or simply being ignored by the readers, just because the book’s cover was not intriguing enough. Even though both the book and the writing were really good.


I don’t consider my services to be expensive. I am out in the world with a simple goal of helping everyone I can. There is something for every type of author on my website. For the newer thriving authors, who are financially constrained, I offer my pre-made covers. These start at mare $30, going all the way up to $180. Here, they can see what they are getting for their money.  The quality is maintained at the highest level, and the designs are made one of, so the buyer becomes owner of the design.


No one else will get their hands on the design in any ways. It will be unique just for their book. For those who need a little bit more, I offer to create custom book cover designs. These are tailor made designs, created from scratch just for their book, based on the story, character and genre.  I would create a number of concept artworks and refine them till perfection is achieved.




 “Don’t judge a book by its cover” … but we all do. What are some attributes of an attractive cover?


Well, it’s true, we all judge a book by its cover, isn’t that natural? When a reader visits a book store, or scans through Amazon, with the intention of buying a book, he glances over all the available options to pick the right one. The first impression, the first glimpse of the book, is all it takes to grab buyer’s attention.


In my opinion, the best attribute of a good cover design, is clarity and readability, no matter if you are looking at it at a larger view or thumbnail view, all the important things should be clearly visible. Colors are another point I should mention. Depending on genre, plot, story, the color should flow. It is the next important thing that grabs reader’s eyes. The best feature of a really attractive cover, is that it pauses you for a moment. A book cover should be catchy in design, yet, should be clean and not too overloaded.


A busy, overcrowded design, along with many elements, is not an attractive design. Readers don’t want to look at a design that is overcrowded and busy. Rather, a clean design, based on the theme of the story, will incur curiosity and would be more probable to be grabbed.




What’s an approximate price authors would pay upon hiring your service?


I have categorized my service in two parts “Pre-made Book Cover Design” and “Custom Book Cover Design”. My prices are quite affordable. Pre-made book covers, start from as low as $30 and go up to $180. You can find a huge collection in my store readily available. Also, I regularly update with newer designs, whenever I have the time.


All the pre-made covers are exclusive designs. That means, once a buyer purchases, the design rights go to him. We marked it as sold and no one can get their hand on the same design. The other service, is of “Custom Book Cover design”. The price for this is $350. You will receive 3-4 concepts of the design and unlimited revisions to the chosen one. It’s a tailor-made service.


Where I design the cover based on client’s details and creative brief. The design is based on the genre, plot, theme, design style, character style etc. I also design the print version of both custom and pre-made purchased from us. That costs $100 and matches the front design.



How long does it normally take to deliver a finished book cover design?


For pre-made book covers, it is pretty much immediate. Once the purchase process is complete, I would ask for the details implementing to the design, and send the design for verification/approval within 24 hours. In case of custom design, it takes a little longer. The average time is about 7 days for the initial set of concepts to be ready, and about 5-7 days for the fine tuning/revisions process. The print version of an eBook cover takes about 3 days.


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