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Notsoperfectgirly (Beth) is a freelance filmmaker/ photographer by day and a book, film and music junkie by night. What started as a hobby, making videos about her favourite books, movies and songs, has grown into a larger channel with over 2,500 subscribers. Her reviews give insight into books with an analytical mind and are a balance between the strong and weak, providing the viewer with a taste of the story without any spoilers.


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Traditionally published vs. Self published authors, you’ve had your hands and eyes on several novels from both industries. Does the quality of writing really differ?



Self-publishing is a fantastic opportunity for a new author to get books out without needing to jump through lots of hoops in the publishing industry. However, with that comes the issue of editing, story framework and errors in the book. Authors need someone who isn’t a family member to read their story and give constructive feedback before publishing. They need someone who can spot the errors without hurting any feelings which is something a large amount of self-publishing authors cannot afford or don’t have the access to do.


I think traditional publishing does give you that extra set of eyes, but can hold you back and make your goals more complicated to reach with extra steps in between submitting manuscript and getting on bookshelves. Self-publishing gives the access and tools, but doesn’t always help the story or author’s writing.




What would make you recommend/not recommend an author?



For me, reviewing books is only a hobby, I never charge to read a book or an ARC. I just enjoy recommending books and in turn, receiving recommendations from keen viewers.


In terms of recommending an author, interaction is key. Their book may not be the best book I’ve ever read, but if they’re nice and have gone out of their way to provide me with an ARC or sent me a physical copy of their book, I’ll still recommend them.


Same for the other way round, if an author hasn’t treated me well, not replied to emails/ used a less than professional tone of voice then I won’t recommend them. At the end of the day, word of mouth is one of the best ways to get your book recommended and if an author isn’t on the right foot with me, I won’t be sharing their book.




Many readers/authors would like to know the answer to this question – do you have a preference when it comes to genre?



I’d say my go to genre is romance, specifically supernatural romance. I love being lost in a world where anything and everything is possible; magic, witches, vampires you name, I probably love it! (I’m open to other genres too though, including crime, coming of age and mystery)




Do authors approach you to read and review their novels? If so, are you open to this approach or would you rather take your pick and review what you consider appropriate?



I like authors approaching me, whether they’ve published 10 books or this is their first, I’m always more than happy to read and provide feedback and review. It doesn’t have to be a completed book either, just an idea of a story and I’m happy to help with development.




Obviously, there’s a lot of work behind book reviewing – reading, taking notes, editing your vlogs. Can you give us some insight on your life behind the scenes and how you build up towards a successful vlog?



There is a lot of hard work, not only reading books but also filming a video, editing, making a thumbnail, uploading and creating hype on your social media to engage your audience. All that plus your normal routine? It’s not easy.


If I want to create a vlog reviewing books, I’ll spend time not only reading the book, but analysing the plot, characters and development, story arc plus strong points and weaknesses. I think it’s so important to explain those points without giving away too much of the story or just describing the book. Being succinct is a key to success, I tend to ramble in my videos and end up cutting out so much speech when I edit!




Why do you do it?



When I was at school, I had friends who shared the same interest in books as me so it was easy to find recommendations. Once I left school, I found it hard to meet people who liked the same books. So, I picked up all my favourite books, made a video about them and then was flooded with comments, recommendations and feedback from likeminded people. Since then, I’ve made about 10 review videos and lap up the recommendations.




Why should readers follow your channel? What should they expect from you?



They should expect honesty, if I didn’t like a part of a book, I’ll tell them. There’s no point singing praises without saying the weak points. I NEVER give away spoilers. I like to add humour in my videos, so that I’m not just droning on about books. I’m passionate and always respond to comments on my videos.


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