7 Questions With Author K. C. Julius

K.C. Julius has been writing since she could hold a pen. The Drinnglennin Chronicles, her epic medieval fantasy series, is the culmination of a story that has been running through her head for over a decade. A classic tale of adventure, sword and sorcery, romance and betrayal, The Chronicles combines all of the elements of the stories she personally loves.  


Her previous book, Beyond the Green Door (published under Kristan Julius,) is a YA fantasy set in Hutanya, a world in which water has become a precious commodity (as have copies of Beyond!). K.C. currently lives in Düsseldorf with her jolly German husband, Bear the dog and Saber the cat, both rescued from the streets of her beloved Jakarta. She loves to travel, take long walks in the woods, read, welcome visitors and spend time with family and friends at her lake house in New Hampshire.


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What’s your own definition of an author / indie author?



I’ll change the slant on this question a bit, and offer a distinction between a traditionally published and self-published author. I’m personally a hybrid author. Beyond the Green Door (YA), my first novel, was published by Lothian, an imprint of Hachette Australia.


I decided to make the leap to independent publishing largely to have more control over all aspects of authorship, including publishing, marketing and distribution, and to reap more of the rewards of my creative work.




How does a day in your author life look?



I write five days a week, usually getting down to the work around 11:30 am, after I’ve fed my beasts, done some yoga and walked the dog. We take two more breaks for walks during the course of the day, and then I knock off around 5:00 pm.


On weekends, I work on the “business” end of independent publishing—contacting bloggers, reading articles or listening to podcasts, sending out emails to subscribers, tweeting with the members of my #writingcommunity, posting to Instagram and my FB Author page. I assume once I launch Portents of Chaos, the first book of my epic medieval fantasy series, The Drinnglennin Chronicles, on January 3rd, 2020, I’ll need to devote more time to these aspects of being an authorpreneur!




What are some of the myths around self-publishing / traditional publishing?



—That if you publish traditionally, you can leave the marketing to your publishing house. Not true.

—That writers self-publish because their work isn’t good enough to merit a traditional publishing contract. Again, not true.

—That self-publishing means the writer “goes it alone.” My own team includes beta readers, a professional developmental/content editor, a professional copy/line editor, a cover designer, a cartographer and a formatter. Because readers deserve the best you can offer.




Authors vs. Social Media. How do you approach the tools you have at your disposal?



I think social media is a godsend for authors! I have an FB author page, post regularly to Instagram, and have become more active on LinkedIn, but Twitter is where I “hang out” with author friends.


I had a dormant account of 215 followers last February, and now I’m closing on 20k. The most important advice I can offer regarding Twitter is to be genuine and interactive. I have no idea how the connections I’ve made will relate to sales of my book, but I DO know I value these connections and the support of the #writingcommunity. Find a social media venue that works for you, then be consistent about being present and supportive.




Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?



Start earlier! I wrote sporadically for most of my adult life because I was teaching full-time at international schools around the world, during which time I also became a mom and a step-mom. I was just too busy to devote much time to writing.




What would you do if you wouldn’t be writing?



I loved spending my days in the classroom learning with children. Now that I’m a full-time writer, I can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life.





What should readers expect from your next novel?



The BookLife Prize review of Portents compares it to the classic “stories that blend sword and sorcery, romance, wizardry, and high fantasy—up to and including Game of Thrones… the imaginary-world fantasy carries enough seeming verisimilitude that at moments it reads like a solid historical novel… well-plotted, smartly paced… the reader will keep turning pages.”


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