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Iulia C. Bocaneala is the author of Collection Days: “Famous Smiles” and “The Heart Of An Eye”. As a prolific writer, her mission in life is to express stories of all kinds. Each of her unique and inspirational novel that she wrote, has a prominent role in her career and has been enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds.


As an International Relations Expert, she gauged a particular interest in how European and international policy can best change the community, which is why, as an editor writer, she is addressing to the entrepreneurial and corporate field trough her articles that provide information on what are the best and optimal solutions to worldwide field areas.


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Whats your own definition of an author / indie author?


As all people know, an author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or play, and is also considered a writer. An author is his own creations and embrace the future through his writings.


Most common words for describing an indie author (also called author-publishers),  underlines the fact that is an author who self-publishes to sell, who takes publishing seriously, wants to reach as many readers as possible and grow a profitable author-publishing business. I believe that any author should also expand through self-publishing, being a very wide way of sharing their books with so many retailers and online shops.




How does a day in your author life look?


When I am working on a novel, I am ready each day for meeting my ideas, as If they are the most incredible part of any other day. I wake up in the morning but write until very late. I usually like the rhythm of people, friends or family that are also guiding my attention to a healthy sleeping routine, so I can proof to myself, that I can achieve to finish my manuscript in time.


I work by keeping a clock in my mind, that saves me not to offer to much for a single day. I think that a healthy routine or habits can improve my work while I am directing my attention to my writing. I use sounds sometimes to increase my creativity, but usually I prefer to focus, and concentrate. I also like to go to shopping each day to distress, or jogging to rise my thinking capacity.




Authors vs. Social Media. How do you approach the tools you have at your disposal?


In my opinion authors are a living structure that create to appeal to their genius. The only thing that rises from their abilities is the emotions they meet from readers. Social Media is a path that gives an amazing pulse to any author that attends in knowing the passion of readers.


When a campaign is made and launched on social media, an author sizes their engagement into connecting their imagination or mind with other people that captured it. I use all the author social media to achieve to have permanent readers and better engagements in my audience that can capture my books into people’s life.




What would you do if you wouldnt be writing?


As a writer, I can’t think on not writing anymore, and the emotion is to big and the mind has too much to offer. I would definitely see a career that waits anywhere. If this was or is what defines me, even if for a period of time, or a lifetime experience. Making a step further is what really matters.


If you see the destination you can’t stop. If you let yourself blinded by what you have but with no surprise from you, then you could probably achieve to wait, while other authors write better and became stronger. My advice is to be yourself.




How do you manage to juggle life and writing?


As a prime reason for aligning life in the writing process and expectations, could be the emotions that arise by doing this. When having a mind that creates a story that has to be said, career and family can help you evolve into achieving more then you decided to express.


I am quite a fan of integrating my writings, by taking the everyday experiences and feelings and absolve them as a material, not into adding elements to those stories, but to assure my emotions, that what I am thinking can be pursued into be published.


Maybe I am doing the same as everybody, authors, writers, as maintaining my skills for being part of a destination. I am not a part of a road, I am just knowing my destination. Writings can be eternal, not through an authenticity that somehow can fade having so many things to say and so many characters to add, but in achieving a force to embrace a belief not as a spiritual matter, but as a decision. I think writing gives me the power to take decisions. For me, this is the bond of writing and life.




What should readers expect from your next novel?


Every scene, every paragraph, every word is a choice. We create our readers’ expectations with the reality we present in our story. I’ve read books where I expected one character to be the love interest, only to discover another character filled that role instead.  How did that happen?  The authors created an impression with the choices they made in how to present those characters.


Obviously, many times we don’t want the story to match our readers’ expectations. Plot twists and turning points shouldn’t be expected. However, a reader’s experience should match our intentions.




Whats your definition of the first draft?


The first draft is when I move from the outline stage and write a complete version of my manuscript for the first time.
While I am writing my initial draft, I am trying to follow my outline as closely as possible. Writing however, is a continuous, creative process and while I am writing, I am thinking on new ideas which are not in my outline or brainstorm list, and these are added if they are relevant.


My outlines probably contain an essential plan for the whole manuscript, and I am keeping this in mind to decide whether my ideas are relevant. It is possible to begin the drafting process at any stage, and some people recommend writing the main body first and the introduction and conclusion later. Writing a first draft provides you as a writer with a chance to meld your thoughts together and to further develop your ideas. It is the preliminary stage in the writing process.





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