7 Questions With Publishing House Phoenix Manifest

Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC is a brand new trade publisher, founded in January 2019, and devoted to publishing engaging, high quality fiction, as well as doing right by authors.


The company is staffed by four worker-owners who hold equal shares of ownership of the company. Among them is Abeni Trotter: an incredibly skilled artist, an accomplished writer, and the Art Director. Clarid Mutchler: a tech guru, and the Information Technology Director. Jimmy Nichols: a former tech news writer, former publicist, and the Editor-in-Chief.


And Mike Brennan: an award winning business manager, former Editor-in-Chief for a tech news site, and the General Manager, as well as the Acquiring Editor. All in all, Phoenix Manifest Publishing, LLC is prepared to overcome any obstacle in the publishing industry, and release great books.


In today’s interview, the people behind Phoenix Manifest speak about the advantages of choosing a publishing house instead of self-publishing.  If you are a writer, please stop by to check the best tips & tricks From Writing To Publishing and sign up to my Newsletter for the latest & greatest.




Esther Rabbit: What can your publishing company offer and why should an author choose you instead of self-publishing?



We’re a full service publishing company. After we have signed an author to publish their work, we work with them to edit their work, we format their work for publication, we create a cover for their book, and we help promote their book close to it’s release.


We support authors and their work because we want them to succeed, and by extension, ourselves to succeed, and we want their stories to be heard.


We feel that the biggest difference between self publishing and coming to us is having our team on your side. They say two minds are better than one, so we come to the table with four.


Esther Rabbit: How does a day in your life behind the scenes look?



A lot of communication and reading. We’re always checking in with one another to ensure that we’re meeting deadlines. Mike has been hard at work building a comprehensive and thorough spreadsheet for just about every facet of the company’s operation since Phoenix Manifest’s inception.


His work does a great deal to keep everyone and everything tidy and organized. Day to day, evaluating submissions by authors is a collective effort headed up by Mike, while evaluating and editing full manuscripts is mainly Jimmy’s focus, with Abeni taking on some projects as well.


Since signing our first author, we’ve also been having regular internal discussions led by Abeni about cover design, what we want our covers to look like, and how to make covers that sell books.



Esther Rabbit: How do you wish authors to approach you?



We have several lines of communication open. We love for people to check out our website where they can learn about the team and the upcoming project(s) we have in the works.


We are also very responsive through all our social media channels. If they are looking for query instructions, our guidelines can be found at



Esther Rabbit: Are you flexible negotiating contracts with your authors or do you have a strict approach?



Every situation is different. For instance, if an author or agent approached us only able to offer US rights, or not able to offer audiobook rights, and it was a project that we believed in, we would offer them a contract that accommodated those conditions.


We try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to how we do business, and as such we have our base royalty rates listed on the FAQ page of our website.



Esther Rabbit: Why do publishing houses refuse to sign manuscripts that have been self-published? Is this a policy that may change in the future with your publishing house?



We’re in the business of publishing books, and unfortunately, it is a business. A lot of how books are promoted is based upon the premise that it’s a new work from a writer the person seeing the promotion already enjoys.


With previously self-published books, that’s not really an option. Barring special situations, it is unlikely that we will change this policy.



Esther Rabbit: How do you promote authors you work with and what benefits do you offer as a publishing house?



We work every day to increase our audience and reach, and it is vital to everyone’s success that our authors are as well represented as possible.


We set each book up on our website in the Books tab, and we give each author a profile on our Authors tab, on which we put links to everything that author has to offer – even their other works not published by us. We are also working to get our authors interviews (wink wink), guest articles on other sites and blogs, as well as guest spots on local radio programs and podcasts.


Close to the release of an author’s book, we’ll use regular online advertising, but a lot of our promotion is based on building an author’s image. We believe that people are more likely to buy books by authors they already know and like, so we want to make our authors known and liked.



Esther Rabbit: From the moment an author submits their manuscript to your publishing house, how long does it usually take for them to receive an answer on your behalf?



Our General Manager and Acquiring Editor, Mike, has been working very hard to track this time and to keep it minimal. At the time of writing, the average submission response time is 7.35 days.


We have it tracked by the day, not the hour, but we still take pride in our quick responses in an industry where authors expect some companies to take months to get back to them.


Though submissions have been coming in faster and faster, we fully intend to continue to process all of them thoroughly and in a timely manner. We also believe in responding to everyone that takes the time to reach out to us and follow our submission guidelines.


Find Phoenix Manifest here:



Twitter: @PMP_LLC

Instagram: phoenix_manifest_publishing



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