7 Questions With Author Jaka Tomc

Jaka Tomc started reading at the age of three and about a year later he wrote his first words. He tried to write his first novel soon after but was too occupied with other kids’ activities. He loved writing essays and stories in school. However, it took him many years to gain courage to write and publish his first novel.


In his first interview he said that he’s going to sell more books in Slovenia than Dan Brown. The challenge remains. His sixth book was translated to English and published under the title 720 Heartbeats. It won a Breakthrough Fiction Award in Thriller/Suspense category.


Jaka says that he became a writer to avoid awkward conversations. He doesn’t know how to engage in small-talk. Ironically, his characters do and they’re quite good at it. In today’s interview Jaka Tomc shares valuable insight regarding self-promotion for upcoming authors as well as details about his next novel.


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Esther Rabbit: Are you a plotter or a pantser?



I’m a 95% pantser. Usually, when I sit down to write, I have no idea where the story will take me. I love to be surprised and so I let the writing surprise me.


That being said, I do get some ideas while I’m doing everyday stuff. That’s where those missing 5% are.




Esther Rabbit: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?



Be patient and don’t let criticism get to you. I was very self-confident and naïve at the beginning of my writing career. I thought it would be enough to publish a book and people will buy it.


I was an indie author, general public in Slovenia didn’t know me. It takes time (and sometimes a lot of books) to gain visibility. That’s why patience is important for indie authors. As for criticism, nobody ever wrote a book that was loved by everybody.


The sooner you accept this, the better. People will give your book one star or they won’t even finish it. Book bloggers won’t review you book. Critics will tell you your book is full of clichés. That’s life. If you believe in yourself and your writing, don’t let it get to you. Sit down and write a new book.




Esther Rabbit: How do you deal with negative feedback or negative reviews?



It’s never pleasant to read a negative review. There are two ways to deal with it. First is to ignore the reviews completely. Second is to adapt and grow a tough skin.


Ignoring the reviews is probably not the best option, because feedback is important for improving your writing. If your book gets a lot of criticism, maybe you’re in a wrong genre. Maybe you have a lot of holes in your story, or maybe there are too much loose ends.


Sometimes one mistake is enough to get one star. But if it’s a big mistake, it’s good to know what it is, so you can correct it in the future.




Esther Rabbit: What’s the best way for authors to approach self-promotion?



The best way to promote yourself is to write a great book. Unfortunately that is usually not enough. There are some authors who get their book into the hands of the right person and their career skyrockets, but it’s not common.


Self-promotion is necessary for indie authors, being active on social media is a must. But that takes a lot of time. Instead of writing you are marketing yourself all over the internet.


I think that if self-promotion takes too much of your energy (and the result is not satisfactory) you should focus on writing your next book.




Esther Rabbit: What’s your favorite genre as a reader?



Science fiction. I don’t like to limit myself to just one genre so I read other books to. But sci-fi is my sweetheart.




Esther Rabbit: Does the genre you normally read have a direct influence on your writing?



Yes it does. My writing is normally cross-genre but in my novel 720 Heartbeats (there are elements of sci-fi. In my newest novel, that’s still in the making, I’m submerging into the world of artificial intelligence. I see it as evolution. First you write what you know and as you grow you let your imagination take the wheel. You become braver.




Esther Rabbit: What should readers expect from your next novel?



A wild ride. Not because of the action, there is just a lot of “brain food” in it. I don’t want to present artificial intelligence as good or bad. I want readers to make their own opinion. I’m providing the seed and let it grow into a beautiful tree in the mind of the reader.


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