7 Questions With Author Fred Charles

Fred Charles writes experimental genre-bending fiction that combines influences ranging from writers such as Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnuget, and William Burroughs, to filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Alejandro Jodorowsky.


Fred is publishing a novel called Ouroboros City Blues in chapters on his website in March 2019, so make sure you check him out.


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Esther Rabbit: Are you a plotter or a pantser?


I’m defiantly a pantser. I usually know how a story ends and write towards that end. I like the mystery of not knowing what happens next. I admire writers who plot every tiny detail of their stories, but for me, an outline is too constricting.


Esther Rabbit: What is your definition of a first draft?


My first draft is the bare bones of the story. When I write the first draft, I allow myself to make mistakes without worrying about fixing them. When I started writing, I would edit early chapters while still writing the first draft.


I don’t do this anymore because it’s counter-productive to the mission, which is finishing the draft. I knew that I’d come a long way when I changed the gender of a character mid-chapter and didn’t feel the need to go back to previous chapters and switch him to her!


Esther Rabbit: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your writing journey?


Fretting about publication is a dead-end. Write what you want to write and don’t worry about if it’s marketable. When you’re writing to please other people or to fit into whatever market is hot, then you’ve given up your integrity, and at the end of the day, integrity is all that you have.


Esther Rabbit: How do you manage to juggle life and writing?


I make an effort to get up and write for at least an hour before work. It’s never easy getting out of bed, but when I do it, it sets the whole day the right path. Also, I enjoy going to a cafe after work a few days a week and pounding out some words before heading home.


If you can’t find time to write, ask yourself how much time you spend watching TV shows. I have many creative friends who say that they don’t have time to write or play music, but they spend 20 hours a week watching Netflix!


Esther Rabbit: What should readers expect from your next novel?


My work in progress is called (b)roken (S)entences, a novel of existential dread told through five intertwining stories. I’ve been working on it since 2011, and it grows stranger with each draft. I originally wrote it with the intention of never publishing it, but as time went on, I realized that it’s the best thing that I’ve ever written. It’s my life’s work.


Also, I will be publishing Ouroboros City Blues, a dark urban fantasy about a detective and a part-time magician named Salazar Daly who is hired to find the lost soul of a dying billionaire. I am giving this novel away in chapters at my website starting in March 2019.


Esther Rabbit: What is your favorite genre as a reader?


I don’t have a favorite genre. I’ll read almost anything if the story appeals to me, which is why I like combining genres when I write.


Esther Rabbit: What are 5 immediate tasks you hope to accomplish in the near future?


Let’s see…


  1. Begin publishing Ouroboros City Blues at my website and on Wattpad.


  1. Finish writing (b)roken (S)entences and find a publisher.


  1. Continue to meet other writers out in the community and help them by sharing their work.


  1. In my spare time, I want to record a soundtrack for some of my novels.


  1. Breathe.


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