7 Questions With Author Dax Munro

As a child addicted to storytelling, Dax Munro made a promise to herself that she would forever be a writer. Having read countless fantasy and thriller titles, she journeyed forth with a pen and paper to explore her own wonderlands.


When not reading or writing, Dax enjoys blogging, rock music, and retro video games.
Her evenings are spent with her fiance Samuel and puppy, Sam (aka: Little Horse, because he gallops when he runs.)


Dax hopes her writing will have a positive influence on the world and refuses to lay her pen to rest.


In today’s interview, author Dax Munro gives us her own definition of the first draft and shares valuable insight on lessons she’s learned from reader reviews and online writing communities.



Esther Rabbit: What’s your own definition of an author / indie author?


I believe an author is someone who dedicates their life to writing, someone who tries to make a difference in the world.


Esther Rabbit: What were some major setbacks of this profession?



I feel like when you begin searching for writing communities online, a lot of them are poorly structured. There’s a lot of authors pushing their work toward other authors but no real connection between readers and writers in general.


Something as simple as not having the right type of community to learn and grow from can really set things back.




Esther Rabbit: What’s your definition of the first draft?



My first drafts are always me telling myself the main story and getting to know my characters, their fears and their greatest desires. Once I know the story, I dig deeper into my protagonist’s past and unearth little details that bring the story to life.


Esther Rabbit: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?


Research. Research. Research.

I would tell myself to focus on learning what a story is at its core and how we as humans interpret stories.


Esther Rabbit: What should readers expect from your next novel?


My next novel is a mystery/thriller novels for young adults. The Red Man takes a look into the troubled mind of Evylia Wilde, a young girl who lost her mother fifteen years ago.



Evy has always been considered weird but it’s the memories of her past which haunt her every waking moment, and ultimately push her to seek answers to her one burning question.

What really happened to her mother?


Readers can expect lots of tension and edge of your seat moments, with some light humour and teen romance. If you enjoy surprise twists and turns, you’re in luck.


Esther Rabbit: Is there anything you learned from reader reviews?


I’ve learned a great deal from reviews; what some readers enjoy about my work and what others feel I could improve on. They’re invaluable to me as each one keeps me writing, fuelling me to improve my craft.


Esther Rabbit: What’s your favorite genre as a reader?


Oh gosh. It’s hard to choose just one but I think I have a tied favourite between Fantasy and Thriller. I love getting to travel to beautiful new worlds but also adore the feel of adrenaline coursing through my veins.



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