7 Questions With Poet Ilna Pashaj

Meet Ilna Pashaj, she likes to think of herself as “the new voice of Romantics of this century”. She has poetry in her mind and heart and the only thing bringing this lady of romance to life is the peace she gets when writing.


Writing is the only thing that makes her forget about the mundane. Inlna proudly recreates a vivid imagery of the old romance in her poems. Thus, she claims to be an old soul influenced by Shelley or Keats and her favorite poetess is Emily Dickinson, the Belle of Amherst, a genius of 19th century.


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What are some common stereotypes related to the genre(s) you’re writing in?


I am  a writer of poetry and nowadays it’s to dwell in the world of poetry. People aren’t all that interested in poetry. It feels a bit like poetry is dead or either people don’t understand it, especially when you try to write in a very vivid language full of figures of speech.


People who read poetry to get a gist of it but the plain, simple poetry isn’t my style. The Romantic period & Metaphysical one seem to adhere to the writing Ilna Pashaj needs to produce. My poetry is something that wants to feed the senses of people though they might not understand it. They have to feel what it does to them.




Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?



I wrote my first poem at a very emotional state. That poem was something really felt & fulfilling to me & the prevalent emotions of a young lady.


I was so hopeful, happy and people rarely produce good stuff in such states, there is always that weird tendency of the human nature to seek to heal the negative emotions of its own through writing and especially in poetry. People want to make the coldness of their body disappear through writing. It kind of feels as if poetry will warm them up through dark times.




What would you do if you wouldn’t be writing?



I don’t know what I would be doing if I was not writing! Writing is so much a part of me though I have studied to become an English teacher and will soon start to study to be a translator – a profession which makes my mind feel alive so my world is highly connected to the world of writing either as an author in future or a translator of wonderful books written by others.


I will always contribute to the world of the written word one way or another.




How do you manage to juggle life and writing?



Life and writing are so intertwined, they feel as if they complete one another because life itself gives me the inspiration to write and put down emotions already lived and experienced on paper. I am a strong believer of reviving emotions on paper.




What should readers expect from your next project?



The readers should expect from my first a love story that they had never heard before. My novel will be something beyond what they have felt in a piece of writing since it will include flashbacks and an interconnection of the present, past and the future and they will never know what part of the characters’ lives they are reading about!


It is a story that will sweep them off their feet since the main protagonist is the writer herself but what happens next is a mystery, so they should read it.




What’s the best advice/feedback on writing you’ve ever received?



People always compare me to great authors and they like the dimensions of feelings I make them feel. They like to feel the emotions, my poems and they always compliment me about it.


Jokingly, they call me Emily Dickinson at times since she is my favorite author or they have a tendency to compare me to Danielle Steel and that feels great.




What’s your favorite genre as a reader?



I love romance! It has been my first influence in my writing and they have actually shaped the taste I have and transmit in everything I produce. Romance has that way of making us believe and dream a lot. I have read French and Russian classics and I totally lost myself in those pages.


I’d probably consider Balzac my favorite author since he has got a similar depth of feelings as I like to express in my  own writing.




Does the genre you normally read have a direct influence on your writing?



I believe it is the main way of shaping someone’s writing. Perhaps I might call it a mentor in a way, a secret influence which you may not always feel but it is always there showing itself when you need it .




What are the 5 immediate tasks you hope to accomplish in the near future?



  1. To publish my poetry and to be read worldwide as much as it is possible.
  2.  To finish my first novel soon not only a manuscript and a mind of full ideas but a book in which a novel takes shape.
  3. To continue writing a second and more novels afterwards.
  4. “I  want to inspire people before I expire” – one of my favorite quotes by my  favorite author.
  5. I aim for people to know my name as a new Romance writer but of a different kind.


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