7 Questions And Very Short Answers With Poet Grasshopper Bot

Grasshopper Bot introduces herself in her own words:

“I am basically a poet. It took me ages to publish my work ‘The Poetry of My Soul’ in fear of negative judgements. However, I now write poems for a living. I also host a site for aspiring authors.”


Esther Rabbit: What were some of the setbacks of this profession?

It is a lonely profession. One has to sometimes wait for eternity to get recognition.


Esther Rabbit: What are some of the myths around self-publishing/traditional publishing?

Traditional publishing is just an ego boost that you are a legitimate author. Self-publishing works just as fine.


Esther Rabbit: Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?

I waited endlessly in trepidation about how the audience would react to my work. It was futile. I should have been more confident from the start.


Esther Rabbit:. What’s the best advice/feedback on writing you’ve ever received?

My muse asked me to write from the heart.


Esther Rabbit: How do you deal with negative feedback?

I let the negative feedback slip off my back like water off a duck’s back.


Esther Rabbit: What is your favorite genre as a reader?

Obviously poetry!


Esther Rabbit: Does the genre you normally read have a direct influence on your writing?



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