7 Questions With Author Gina Manis

 Gina Manis is a new artist in fantasy romance books. Her first release, The Water Princess, Claiming of Earth (The Elemental Chronicles Book 1) debuted with success of September 8, 2019. From the reviews, readers have certainly enjoyed her writing and are looking forward to the next release, The Stolen Princess, Taken by Fire in December of 2019.


Her experience with online marketing has given her a leg up from other new artist and with self-publishing. She understands the social-media and self-promotions is the way to success. That by connecting with an audience and others in the industry, you can go far in any career but that you never can do it alone.


Building a base of friends and colleges is her first goal. Now that she has her first book published people can see her work and what is to come. Gina Manis can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, and on Instagram (She has no idea how Instagram works just yet).


Romance novels are such a passion for her. Love is a key ingredient to a happy life. Gina feels, and romance is a perfect conductor for that feel-good emotion. Though she loves all romance, her guilty pleasure is in the fantasy world and paranormal. A magical world where a person can escape from everyday life.


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What’s your definition of an author?



To me, an author is not just a storyteller but someone who can create emotions. Emotions are what fuels us to read a book and how we can connect with a story. Anyone can write that the sun is setting and that it is beautiful. But an author is going to tell you of the colors in the sky, how the clouds move as the wind blows.


They are going to make you not only see but feel the heated glow from the sun and possible the sand in your toes. With such detail in writing, it only comes naturally to connect emotionally to the story and characters. That is what I want to feel when I read, and that is how I like to write.




Are you a plotter or a pantser?



Defiantly a pantser. I usually get this scene in my head of two characters, and it places repeatedly, changing and reforming. From there more scene arrives, and before I know it, the world starts building around them. It is at that point, I start writing, and I just let it all flow as I have seen it. It becomes even more precise on paper for me, and before I know it, I have created a story. Endings are my hardest part because I don’t like for them to end.




What are some major setbacks of this profession?



As a new author, I am not aware of any I could share in detail, but I have had problems. Being Dyslexic writing is a challenge I had to face this hardship in the beginning and even to this day. Though I don’t look at dyslexia as a disability, it is handicap when it comes to writing.


I write simple text, neat, clean and try to keep it flowing. I think my readers see this because some have commented on the fast flow and simple text. But I don’t think it takes away from the story or the world of emotion I am building. If anything, I think readers can relate even better to the story without having to think of all the wordplay or meanings of big words.




What’s your Definition of the first draft?



The first draft to me is just the backbones, and it means a lot of work. It is the structure that gets me going but its not always how my story starts or ends. Most often it is found more in the middle of the book when it is complete. I don’t like to draft in detail. Instead, I make it straight forward giving little emotions, not much world, it is about building the character, the conflict or the journey. It’s the backbone that leads to all the other stuff.




What are some of the common stereotypes related to the genre you’re writing in?



The genre I am currently writing in is the Reverse Harem Romance. I think it gives the perception of erotica to an extreme because of the multiple relationships. A writer in this genre can get lost in too much of that and forget the story itself if they are not careful. If you can give the characters each a different persona, a contribution to the book, then they should be there in it. But if you’re going to write just about sex, then you should write a short story and not a novel.


This is a genre new for me in the last few years. In my reading of them, they fascinated me of how one person could connect with so many. I feel some of them lack in emotional connections which I find the vital part of any romance. So, I decided to give it a try and started a book of which I am working on having edited now. It is called Megan’s Cursed Wolves (The Elemental Mage’s) and will be out January of 2020. In writing this book, it led me to the legend of Celine which became The Water Princess series.




What are some of the myths around self-publishing?



That it is too hard. Really it is not the self-publishing that is hard but the marketing that comes after. New authors should be aware that you must build a base. Being creative is not just in your writing but in your self-promotions. Connecting with others in the industry is vital.


I would like to learn more about traditional publishing and the benefits it can offer. I have heard the Myth that it can take years before getting a book published and that is one of the reasons why I chose Self-publishing. I have waited a long time to get to a place in my life where I can publish and didn’t want to wait on others.




Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your journey?



To be honest, I don’t think I would change too much. I think I made the right decisions for myself in just focusing on writing and letting all the other go at that point in my life. I feel it made me stronger as a writer to not hurry my books along.


A second view of them, even a third, I can build and make them better. I took my time and time is something that is required with writing. You can’t rush a novel and expect it to be good. I don’t think I would like to work on a deadline.


What I should have done was connect more with other writers. Support from other authors could have helped when I got lost.


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