7 Questions With Author Gary Morris

Gary Morris is the author of Miao Shan: The Awakening, a historical fantasy novel, with dark fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy aspects to it. Miao Shan is not like anything you have ever read before. Yes, there are aspects you might recognize from other forms of literature, but as a whole, it’s a complete departure from the normal fantasy novel.


No one has really been able to describe it properly yet. The closest anyone has come, is calling it a ‘Kill Bill meets The Batman’ book. Even that does not properly describe the journey of the Chinese Bodhisattva of Justice, that we call life. 


In today’s interview, Gary speaks about his goals as a writer and the importance of discipline when entering the writing industry.  If you are a writer, please stop by to check the best tips & tricks From Writing To Publishing and sign up to my Newsletter for the latest & greatest.



Esther Rabbit: How does a day in your author life look?


I wake up 5 am , check my emails, Facebook and Twitter. 5:30 shower and dress. 6 am leave to take my son to school. After dropping him off at school and going to gym , I get home between 9 am and 10 am depending on traffic.


I work flat out to 2 pm , then go and fetch my son. By 4 pm I’m home again, and work till 10 pm. The work varies between writing, plotting and promoting.



Esther Rabbit: What were some major setbacks of this profession?


I basically have never felt that you can be sure whether you will actually earn money from it in the beginning or not. Even bestselling authors often struggle.



Esther Rabbit: What should readers expect from your next novel?


The unexpected! Always expect Miao Shan to do the unexpected, and me to write about it (wink). In my novels, and especially the Miao Shan series, there’s always going to be many ‘curve balls’. Every page you turn renders an unexpected surprise. That’s how readers like it, so that’s what I deliver.



Esther Rabbit: Have you profiled your readers? Let’s have a look at how you imagine your target audience.


I’ve tried to profile my readers, but I’ve failed! I thought my readership would be mainly female, 18+. However, I’m finding that just as many men love a novel about a ‘kick-ass’ (literally) Kung Fu Goddess of Justice, who’s a top property developer by day.



Esther Rabbit: What are the steps you usually take from writing your first draft to publishing?


Okay here are my steps:


a) From the first draft, it goes to my Beta readers who I then ask after they’ve read the book, what is wrong with it, and what is missing.

b) I fix all the issues with the story. That takes time and a few readers.

c) Then editing.

d) Then proofreading.


In the meantime, I’m continuously looking for factual errors. Sometimes I’m the only one that sees these things. In the first book, I saw a Buddhist ecclesiastical error just before publication! No problems now.



Esther Rabbit: Just how much research is there behind a novel? Tell us how it looks behind the scenes.


You must remember my novels are historical fantasy, so about 2/3 of my work is research. I sit with Google open on my web browser and write.


Stop writing, research, write, research, write. Often my research changes the entire plot! With a historical novel, even if it’s fantasy, the research can actually write some of the plot for you. Small details can cause big changes.



Esther Rabbit: What are the 5 immediate tasks you hope to accomplish in the near future?


a) Have a massive bestseller.

b) Get rich

c) publish book 2

d) write, and polish book 3

e) get even richer!


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