7 Questions With Book Blogger & Reviewer, Esther Dauvilier

Esther Dauvilier is a 27 year old, full time teacher and part-time book blogger. Her living room mainly contains books, like her bedroom used to do when she was younger. Her mom once refused to open the door when she carried a big stack of books towards the house. Esther frequently writes reviews, but also likes to participate in any other bookrelated activity like giveaways, interviews, booktags and memes.


In today’s interview, Esther speaks about the passion behind book reviewing and shares some insight on how authors should approach book reviewers for a successful collaboration.


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Esther Rabbit: Many readers/authors would like to know the answer to this question – do you have a preference when it comes to genre?


I always tell myself and others that I don’t have a preference. I don’t like self-help books, memoirs and poetry. I really tried but it’s just not my cup of tea and I always end op DNF-ing these books.


So back to the genre question; I tell myself I don’t have a preferred genre, but I find myself picking up Fantasy books and Crime/Thriller books more often than other genres.



Esther Rabbit: When authors approach you to review their books, what information would you like them to include?


Goodreads page, cover, genre, pages. Just the basic stuff;


Reviewing a book without a Goodreads page is a NO-GO for me. I am very serious about my reading challenges on Goodreads and keeping my shelves up to date, so books without Goodreads pages usually don’t make it on my list.


Authors who write me an abstract email that says “Dear readers” “Hello” or no caption at all, start with a disadvantage too. I feel like they didn’t research my blog and are just writing a random email. How hard is it to check the name of the blogger who you want to review a book that you’ve worked hard on?



Esther Rabbit: Obviously, there’s a lot of work behind book reviewing – reading, taking notes, editing your Blog. Can you give us some insight on your life behind the scenes and how you build up towards a successful post?


I am a structured person when it comes to the blog. I have 2 TBR’s for the next few months, 1 for physical books and 1 for e-books. I put my own books on the list and vary that with review copies.


While reading, I take notes on my phone, I make a list of pros and cons, just like I do on the blog. If I finish a book I look at my schedule for the upcoming week and try to find a good day to post a review about the book.


I try not to post several days in a row, I’d like to give my readers the chance to read everything I post and I don’t want to be overwhelming with my blog posts. I usually leave at least 1 day between blog posts.



Esther Rabbit: Why should readers follow your blog? What should they expect from you?


Being respectful is one of the most important things. DNF-ing books, or writing a 2-star review on a book is one of the hardest things. I try to find something good about every book I read and I try to be friendly if I still have critique about a book.


As a blogger you have to keep in mind that an author has worked hard on the book you’re reading. Another thing readers can expect is NO SPOILERS. I always write it in the post-title if there are spoilers, but usually I post without spoilers. The worst thing is reading a review for a book that is on your TBR and finding out it’s full of spoilers.


I want to make readers and other bloggers enthusiastic about a book they haven’t read yet, so spoilers are a no-go.




Esther Rabbit: How do you manage to juggle life and book reviewing?


Reading a book every spare minute you have, lol! I put my Kindle in my bag, wherever I go. I read while cooking, I read while eating, I read before I go to bed and I try to, at least, read 100 pages every day.


Especially now I know I have a blog and I really want to post at least twice a week, I’ll have to read books. It is getting harder for me, since I have more activities besides to the blog, like this wonderful interview, and working as a teacher is time consuming as well. Next school year I hope to work 4 days instead of 5, so I can spend a little more time on the blog.



Esther Rabbit: How did you start book reviewing and what kept you going?


I started reviewing books on Goodreads in 2015. After a while I felt like it wasn’t satisfactory enough for me and in a hunch I decided to start my own blog.


I used my Christmas Vacation to set it up and I started on January 1st 2017. I have been reviewing books since then. I’ve never had a really big reading slump or blogging slump, maybe because I keep at least a day in-between posting, maybe because I vary review copies with my own books, maybe because I like the community so much.


I don’t know exactly what keeps me going, but I think the main part is that it’s fun. It’s fun to receive emails, and comments and to fangirl about your biggest passion: reading.



Esther Rabbit: Do you charge for you services or do it for the joy of book reviewing?


I do it for the joy of reading. It has been a hobby since I was young and I still love reading books. Books are my one biggest passion, so don’t get me wrong; It is a big dream to earn money through books one way or another.


Working in a bookshop, maybe becoming an editor, or having a successful blog, books are something I always enjoy so making money from them would be great. I just can’t right now. There are so many blogs out there, that I’m sure it’s not wise to charge money for reviews.


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