7 Questions With Book Reviewer Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith moved to England after meeting her husband and was quite awkward with meeting new people, so she threw herself into books which then led to reviewing/blogging. She is an active book reviewer on Goodreads as well as Amazon since 2016.


She has recently been accepted into the Amazon Vine program for reviews. Brittany Smith got the inspiration to start her own blog shortly after as she was becoming disenchanted with the black and white review system. She felt like too much emphasis was put on a number or star so she decided to think outside the box and come up with her own system.


As a result of ARC reading she got the opportunity to edit/proofread a manuscript on its way to print. This in turn led to more job opportunities and now she continues to work with a select group of authors on a number of ongoing projects. In today’s interview, book reviewer Brittany Smith opens up about the joy of reviewing books and creating her own review system available on her blog.


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Is book reviewing a full time job or professional hobby in your case?



Reviewing is more of a professional hobby for me. It started a couple years ago after I had a few chats with authors at a local book con and realised how important reviews were for their books. As I read a lot anyways, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to start and once I started I reviewing I couldn’t stop!




What would make you recommend/not recommend an author?



As a reviewer and reader I recommend authors that are “real” feeling. If I can easily relate to character(s) it means that I can relax into the book more and enjoy it. The flow of the story matters as well, if it’s too choppy or if I feel like I’m working to read it then I won’t enjoy it.


I look for an ease to the story that lets me sink into it and not come out until it’s over! That is what I look for in a book/author and that is what would make me recommend them.




Do authors approach you to read and review their novels? If so, are you open to this approach or would you rather take your pick and review what you consider appropriate?



I suppose I get books both ways; I am a part of a number of groups that link authors with readers. I can scroll through and find books as they are drafted and choose the ones I like.


Through this process I then leave a review and let the author know when it’s up. When they have new work coming out they then approach me and ask if I’d like to read/review it. I do have a few favourite authors that know that I am always willing to read their work, but I do like discovering authors that are new to me.



When authors approach you to review their books, what information would you like them to include?



I usually like to know a bit about the book, a quick book blurb would be fine, as well as what genre it is so I can get my head in the right place. It always helps to know when the book is out so I know when to have the review ready for posting. I have been known to accept books without knowing what they were about and I have been surprised by how good they turned out so my only firm “need to know” bit is the date!




Why do you do it?



I do it because I love reading! I love discovering new stories and authors and I love sharing this with my reader friends. If a book that I love gets more attention because of my review then that makes my day.




Why should readers follow your website/blog/channel? What should they expect from you?



I think people should follow my blog because it’s different. It doesn’t have a normal 1-10 scale, I created an acronym system based on names which became “my friends”.


I hated picking on a book and forcing it into a certain place. So I made my own system which means I can focus on the story and rate it based on my “friends”. This way I find I can be more positive and offer a unique outlook and it’s way more relaxed.




Did any author lash out on you or write a heartfelt thank you note? 



I have had a thank you note from the author of my first proofreading book! Subsequently, I have had quite a few mentions in the acknowledgements sections from other authors. I also have numerous personalised signed books of the ones I’ve had a hand in.


Mostly though I have gotten some solid friends from doing it and I know it sounds crazy, because I’ve never met them (only online chat), but I really do consider them friends and maybe one day we will meet!


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