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7 Questions With Book Cover Designer Ana Grigoriu-Voicu

In today’s interview, Graphic Designer Ana Grigoriu-Voicu shares some insight on the typical mistakes new authors make when approaching a Book Cover Designer, the existing trends in Book Cover Design depending on genre and the services a professional Graphic Designer can offer an author.


This former Art Director has worked for Advertising Agencies and her field of expertise also encompasses Logo Design and Website Design for authors.


Given her extensive experience in the field, the talented designer has agreed to a series of 7 Questions  rounds, so stay tuned for more, and follow her (round one) advice below!


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Esther Rabbit: What mistakes do authors make when approaching you and what advice do you have for them in that sense?



I believe one of the most common mistake new authors make is not taking the professional advice of the graphic designer into consideration and sticking to a concept or a cover design idea that will not be helpful for their particular project.


Most of the time though, I try to incorporate at least a part of their wishes into the final art concept, so the result would be a perfect mix of the client’s idea and my own experience and artistic view.


I recommend new authors to make a little research of their own regarding a successful cover design in the genre they’re publishing in.


Esther Rabbit: Are there cover design trends depending on genre? Do shed a light for authors to knock on your door fully prepared.



There’s usually a very distinctive feel between, let’s say, the cover design styles one would see in the Romantic Comedy genre and the ones in the Sci-fi genre.


The first could make use of modern, flat, hand-drawn illustration such as in the case of the cover of “According to a Source” by Abby Stern while the Sci-fi novel would go for something similar to the cover of “The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Leviathan” by Jack Campbell.


It’s very important to present the book in a way that the audience is able to tell immediately which genre the book is part of.


Therefore, I’d never recommend an author of a serious detective thriller to go with a naïve, cartoon-like hand drawn cover art.


Esther Rabbit: What types of design do you offer and how can an author benefit from your skills?



I design covers for both fiction and non-fiction books, from Children’s books to international Spy novels and everything in between.


Any author who would like to find out more about my work can visit my website or contact me directly to ask for more details about how I can help with their particular project.


I offer project estimations and advice free of charge via my website.


Esther Rabbit: What details should a new author offer you upon requesting a book cover design?



I really appreciate when authors offer me a quick overview of their project and their expectations of the cover art.


If they can point out certain book covers that they find inspiring and fitting with their own writing then I can estimate how much the project will cost and how long it’ll take for me to design the cover art.


It’s also very important to know a ballpark figure of what the client’s budget is, so I can offer them the best kind of service available for that price.


Esther Rabbit: Why should an author choose you over a “cheaper” alternative?



I like to believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I would recommend authors to choose a designer based on their respective portfolios and an initial discussion.


If a designer with an outstanding portfolio offers their services at a very low price, be aware that their portfolio might be fake or stolen from another designer.


There isn’t a universal correct price for a book cover design project since the cost of each project is calculated based on the total amount of hours spent to create the art and produce the final design.


However, be careful of individuals that claim to offer you exceptional custom services for ridiculously low prices.


Esther Rabbit: Is there any type of design you’re not familiar with?



I wouldn’t say I’m not familiar with a certain genre but I don’t particularly enjoy designing horror cover designs. If a client wishes to have gory or gruesome elements on the cover art, I usually decline the project.


Esther Rabbit: How many services can you offer authors and how do they differ? (For many authors, especially new authors it’s hard to know exactly what’s out there)



I am specialized in book cover design, meaning I create ebook covers, paperback covers, hardcovers, dust jackets and audiobook covers.


Additionally, I offer logo design and website design services. With each completed project I offer my clients a set of promotional designs with which they can better market their book before and after publishing, both online and offline.


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