7 Questions With Author Lucy Appadoo

Lucy Appadoo is an author of fiction and nonfiction texts. She writes in the genres of Romantic Suspense, Historical Fiction/Coming of age, and Thrillers with significant life themes. She has written nonfiction books about grief, holistic spiritual and mental health and career guidance, as well as a readers’ journal.


Lucy is a registered counselor and wellness coach with a part-time private practice. She also works as a rehabilitation counselor for the Australian government. She enjoys reading romantic suspense, romance, thrillers, crime novels, family/historical drama, and sagas. She has enjoyed travelling to exotic places such as Madrid, Mauritius, and Italy, and draws on these experiences in her creative writing. Her favorite authors include Kendra Elliot, Christiane Heggan, Theresa Ragan, Tara Moss, Nicholas Sparks, Adriana Trigiani, Erica Spindler, and James Patterson (to name a few).


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What’s your own definition of an author / indie author?



My definition of an indie author is a writer who self-publishes their own books and uses contractors to help them create the book. These contractors may include editors, proofreaders, cover designers, formatters, blurb writers, web designers, and so forth.




Are you a plotter or a pantser?



I am mainly a plotter and create character profiles and chapter outlines. However, as I begin writing my story, my chapter outlines can change as I immerse myself into the characters’ journey and new inspirations come up and drive the story into a new direction.




What were some major setbacks of this profession?



Some major setbacks of this profession include the hard work it requires to get book sales and market your book. Writing is the easy part, but then you need to convince the world that your book is worthy enough to buy. Creating a book is expensive and you need to work extremely hard to get a good return on your investment, and this takes constant promotion, advertising, resourcefulness, and creativity to sell yourself in new ways and stand out from all the other writers in the community.




Do you have any tips for authors who are looking into getting more reviews for their novels?



Authors can get more reviews by contacting groups or individual readers on Goodreads, sign up with booksprout, create a review list of your newsletter subscribers and send them your free book, use ‘Hidden Gems Books,’ request reviews via social media, approach bloggers and request a review, and sign up for a review and blog tour (online).




What’s your favorite genre as a reader?



My favourite genre as a reader is romantic suspense/thrillers as I am intrigued by trying to solve a puzzle and am able to go on the protagonist’s journey to solve his or her problem.




Does the genre you normally read have a direct influence on your writing?



The genre of romantic suspense/thriller has a direct influence on my writing as I am passionate about this style, so I hope it shows in my books.




What are the 5 immediate tasks you hope to accomplish in the near future?



My five immediate tasks I hope to accomplish in the near future include:


  1. Sell more books via Amazon advertising.
  2. Self-publish my latest release by December after my cover designer is ready.
  3. Work on the next book in the series.
  4. Rewrite my very first book, which was a disaster now that I’ve improved as a writer.
  5. Promote my books via social media, newsletters, and a prospective book talk at a library.



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