7 Questions With Author Andrea Dix

Andrea Dix is a specialist literacy teacher, with over 20 years of experience teaching and supporting children with a range of learning differences. She is passionate about literacy for all. She has worked towards success for children with a range of needs, including (but not only) Dyslexia, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome and issues with Language and Communication, Visual Perceptual or Regulation.


She believes that if we can make learning fun our children can succeed, and feel good about them selves. This increases their self-esteem and resilience, which are both key to success. The Fun 2 Learn series of booklets emerged based on experience and the many colleagues and families asking for practical suggestions and ideas that they can implement.


Through the booklets Andrea aims to share some of the games and activities that she has developed throughout her career. These activities have been shown to support successful learning – and are also fun. If you want fun and engaging activities to develop literacy skills these books can help. They also include links to Google Drive folders that have some basic resources available to download.


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What’s your definition of the first draft?



My first draft starts with once I have the idea. I brainstorm content and section ideas and make subtitles for these. I may make notes under some as to what I want to include.


Once I have the skeleton layout I leave it for a day or 2 while I think about it. I repeat this process several times gradually moving from the first draft of ideas to the first draft of connected text.




Authors vs. Social Media. How do you approach the tools you have 
at your disposal?



I am a total novice, and an introvert. This means I don’t think I’m using social media to my advantage at all! Although I realize it could be a powerful tool, I’m not really sure how!


I have been signing up for various webinars and ‘following leads’ but in a bit of a hit and miss type way, I think!




How do you imagine your target reader?



I think my target readers are either parents of children who are struggling with literacy, or professionals (teachers, tutors or teaching assistants) who are trying to develop literacy skills with their children.


I like to think the beneficiary of the books will be frustrated, anxious, or disheartened children who could play a game or complete an activity to develop their literacy skills without realizing it. It could make things better for them.




What’s the best way for authors to approach self-promotion?



I think the best way, which is similar to social friendships I suppose, is to establish a network of like-minded people. Those people may advocate for you through reviews and sharing information within their networks. There is a saying that everyone can be linked through 6 degrees of separation.


If we can channel those 6 links to support and promote our work we may be able to promote ourselves, and each other. However, I’m not entirely sure how to achieve the most relevant 6 links!




Is there anything you learned from reader reviews?



After asking some friends and colleagues to read my first draft I added the google drive link for resource access. They wanted an easy way to download, adapt, improve or print the activities I mentioned. I hadn’t thought of this but I think it does make the books and activities more practical and useful.




What’s your favorite genre as a reader?



I love reading and really believe that everyone should be literate. I am always reading! I particularly enjoy historical fiction, books where good overcomes bad and books where the hero has alternative viewpoints or skills and abilities.


For example, I loved ‘The colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder’ by Sarah Harris. I also enjoy biographies and autobiographies.




Just how much research is there behind a novel?



Most of my books have been written based on years of teaching experience, and my additional training. They are an accumulation of what I know and have seen. However, I did include some links to the theories in the books, and I researched those references for current links.



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